Wine is a drink that can be stored for a long time. Some are deliberately stored for years. However, to get the maximum taste, wine storage should not be arbitrary. People store wine not only about taste but also like antiques. The longer it is stored, the harder it is to find, and the more expensive it is. However, the Modern Luxury is very crucial. Generally, wine in cafes or restaurants is stored at room temperature of 18-20 degrees celsius. But for at home, simply stored in the refrigerator and used up immediately after opening. As long as it has not been opened, it can be saved at any time.

Where to store the wine also affects the taste produced. When stored in oak barrels, the aroma of the wine will be mixed with the distinctive wood scent. Different when stored in a special wine tank. When storing wine, you also need to regulate the temperature, humidity, and light. Wine should not be stored in complete darkness, but it should not be stored in direct sunlight. Light, especially sunlight, can cause damage to grapes and promote premature aging of grapes. Wine corks require humidity that is neither too high nor too low. They can dry out in low humidity, and if it’s too damp they can grow mold.

To store wine, preferably at the same temperature all year round. To do this, you need a warehouse or a temperature-controlled system. This is why most experts do not recommend long-term storage of wine in the kitchen. The temperature in most homes changes with the seasons. Keep in mind, in storing wine, you should not shake the bottles. The best wines are kept vibration-free. If the grapes are moved frequently, this promotes the acceleration of chemical reactions that can spoil the wine. The bottle sleeping position is the best position to ensure the cork remains moist and prevents air from entering the wine.