One of the impacts of the pandemic is on the creative industry in the fashion industry sector. This condition must be overcome immediately because the impact will be very widespread on people’s lives and of course other economic activities as well. The way designers or actors in the fashion industry are now forced to move in the digital world is to take advantage of every opportunity from the internet or the media. One of them is to do their fashion show virtually. By using the concept of virtual fashion show no models, internet users have the opportunity to be able to access or see directly on many internet channels regarding a variety of fashion and modern lifestyles. This is the reason designers have to use technology as one of their marketing.

For example, we can see in a virtual fashion show that has been implemented by several world designers. In addition, some use media such as Instagram and Pinterest as a means for various comments and pictures to their visitors. This activity is very suitable to be held during a pandemic condition like this. Not only to make designer works exist again but also to help the economy affected by the pandemic. Providing new things by making more use of technology as a marketing tool and to keep working, of course, it must be done. Thus, their abilities will still be seen by their fans.

In addition, of course, we all have to be able to adjust everything even though the conditions are not supportive. But that doesn’t mean we as business people have to give up on the situation. Increasing creativity and being able to use technology well, of course, is one thing that must always be done. So when a pandemic condition like what is happening now, we are ready to go through it well and can still work well without any obstacles.