Property is an item that is needed by all human beings. Because many are in need, the property becomes an attractive investment instrument. As people evolve and multiply, the need for the property is always there especially in a region like Punta Cana. The longer the time, the more valuable land. This condition makes property prices increase every year. Before running out, it’s a good idea to check your property needs here

Another factor that makes property prices rise quickly is new buyers. People who have not been able to buy a house in cash, apply for credit to the bank so that they can immediately get a house. This condition makes house prices go up because many people buy at the cost of borrowing from banks. Many people are also looking for Punta Cana Real Estate for sale because they believe they can get multiple benefits.

In 2007, the property price index was bright at 4.17 percent. The following year it rose to 5.57 percent. However, due to the economic crisis triggered by the property crisis in the United States, in 2009 property prices were only able to rise 2.3 percent. After that slowly the property industry rose. Consecutively from 2010 to 2012, property prices grew from 2.91 percent to 5.05 percent, and 6.99 percent.

The property boom occurred in 2013. At that time, property price growth reached 11.51 percent. Since then, the property has slowed down. A year later, property price growth almost halved to 6.28 percent. In 2015 and 2016 it fell to 4.61 percent and 2.38 percent, respectively. Since the 2013 property boom, property price growth has slowed.

At the end of 2019, the property sector had improved and grown. 2020 is predicted to be the revival of the property sector. However, this prediction failed and property price growth was even lower. Finally, in the July-October 2021 phase, property price growth only reached 1.51 percent. If the COVID-19 pandemic can pass this year, it is likely that property sector prices will rise and property prices can rise again.

With a growth rate of only this magnitude, is property a profitable investment vehicle today?
All investments always have two sides, opportunity, and risk. Investment is basically risk management. Risk is always present in all investment instruments. The principle is, how to understand the risk in an investment vehicle. So that we can avoid that risk to a minimum.

The risk from buying assets in Punta Cana is currently 0% because the massive development and the need for property never go away, causing the price increase for Punta Cana properties up to 3 times. So, don’t delay choosing Punta Cana properties as your investment.