Restaurant kitchen equipment is grouped into two parts, namely cooking utensils and tableware. Of course, these two things will differ in the way they are used and function. You can get some inspiration by visiting Broomfield Restaurants.

Cooking ware
Cookware is any type of equipment used in the kitchen that is used for cooking activities. This equipment is in the form of large equipment that is difficult to move or small equipment used to process food. This cookware also has important functions of a restaurant kitchen. Starting from food processing equipment, storage, to tools for washing food ingredients or cooking utensils and tableware.

Tableware and drink
Eating and drinking equipment are all kinds of equipment used inside and outside the kitchen that is used for eating and drinking activities. The types of tableware and drinking are usually more variations. Generally, eating and drinking utensils consist of three categories, namely Chinaware, silverware, and glassware. Chinaware is a tableware and drinking equipment whose basic ingredients are made of ceramic. This ceramic material was chosen by many restaurant entrepreneurs because it has high resistance. Ceramic-based equipment also has thick walls and slightly rough surfaces.