Exterior beauty is influenced by many aspects. Among them are design, color, building form, and material. The choice of the type of material for the exterior has a big influence because it can display a variety of different shapes. The selection of the right material will make the residence following the desired concept. One type of material that is quite popular today is the type of material made of wood. Currently, wood is the preferred material to be used as an alternative in replacing bricks as a building construction material. Wooden houses with a classic atmosphere are now widely liked by the public. Moreover, the walls of a wooden house look more elegant. The impression of luxury and coolness is the reason why some people like wood materials for housing or homes. This material can be installed easily in building construction. In addition, wood can also be combined with other materials such as rocks, glass, and so on.

Using a simple wooden house design but still highlighting the classic motif of wood, it is a pretty good design. Thus your house will look more like a classic wooden house but still give a modern touch. The design you make should also pay attention to the size of the land that you will use to build a house. So you can match the design to the land you have.

As for those of you who already have a wooden house and want to paint a wooden wall, this is quite a bit difficult, especially if you do not understand the technique. Then for areas of high rainfall and high humidity, you may need to replace your house paint if you haven’t used it before by using a type of paint made from latex. So that the process and results of painting can be perfect, you can use the services of recommended reading.