Like bipolar disorder, unipolar depression can affect anyone, whether it’s teenagers, adults, or the elderly. As published in the journal Scribd, the first attacks usually occur in people aged 15-30 years. Meanwhile, the prevalence is around 0.1% for parents over 65 years and 1.4% in the 18-44 year age range. One thing that is not less interesting is that people with mental disorders are more likely to attack women, with a total ratio of 2: 1. It is quite natural, considering that women are more prone to stress because they rely too much on their feelings rather than their logic. A person who is stressed tends to have more difficulty sleeping because his mind is not calm. This is what happens to people with unipolar depression. Her deep sadness triggers stress, which in turn makes her often sleep late at night, which must be corrected immediately with your highest truth .

Clara Health Guides state that psychology is not the only factor that causes unipolar depression, but also a biological factor. The combination of stress and genetic factors can change the balance of the brain’s performance and reduce its ability to maintain a stable mood. This condition will certainly reduce the productivity level of people with unipolar depression. When the body is tired, the enthusiasm for work will decrease which results in a reduced level of productivity. On the other hand, hormonal imbalances in the body can also trigger unipolar depression. This is supported by a theory which states that unipolar depression is caused by an imbalance in the performance of the neurotransmitter or central nervous system. Given that this unipolar depression disease is mentally related, it should be taken seriously. Immediately consult a psychotherapist or psychiatrist so that the healing process is effective. So that sufferers do not need to experience this disease continuously.

Almost everyone has experienced stress either for a short time or for a long time. Many factors trigger mental disorders, for example, the increasing need without being supported by adequate financial capacity, unachieved work targets, and so on. In essence, the emergence of stress in a person is due to the inability to face the burdens or pressures of life.

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