Many people today view that investing in gold as a high-value investment. The price of gold is always soaring, besides gold is also getting rarer. Gold is also stable in price and difficult to counterfeit. That is why bitcoin is equated with digital gold, even the way it is invested is similar to investing in gold in general. Please note, however, that bitcoin is also referred to as gold 2.0. You can get additional information on the official website

Likewise, bitcoin has characteristics like investing in gold, including one Bitcoin equal to 100 million, the same as gold per gram. We can also buy less than 1 bitcoin. The number of bitcoins in the world is limited, there are only 21 million. You can move Bitcoin anywhere regardless of the number of Bitcoin. All transfer processes are in the form of transferring nominal numbers between banks. Therefore the Bank always has a risk management division, to ensure all transactions run safely without any fraud. This difference returns to the payment system using Bitcoin. Bitcoin is a type of digital currency with full synchronization on the Internet. For that, all Bitcoin users can access their cash accounts in real-time anywhere and anytime.

Bitcoin works the same as we transfer to banks, use credit cards, and make online shopping transactions. It’s just that this bitcoin payment method is much better. You can use bitcoin for online shopping in all markets in the world, receive a salary, send money to family or friends, and other transactions. So Bitcoin does function as a legitimate payment system. Bitcoin is called decentralization because bitcoin is like the internet, which has no gatekeeper, which is not owned by anyone. So, bitcoin allows many people to develop and innovate freely whenever and wherever. Every investment instrument is subject to various risks that could make investors suffer losses. For this to be avoided, you need to find the right bitcoin investment strategy so that investment can run smoothly so that bitcoin investment still provides returns.

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